Kostal power application control unit

Posted on April 11th, 2017

The future is here with us already. It’s time to learn what level you should be living in to make adjustments just in case you are not at per with modern technology. In the days to come, it is expected that there will be depletion of fossil fuels that the auto industry so heavily depends on. Systems have however been invented to make use of the natural electrical power in automotive. For your information, it has already begun. And that’s how the future looks like.

Kostal is among the leading companies making sure that drivers shift to the modern technology without inconveniences. They have developed many parts for the electrical cars including the basic component of application control unit. Such don’t operate like the normal phone chargers. They charge at levels varying from 3.3 Kw to 11Kw which is the standard for the hybrid vehicle charging systems. This Kostal power application control unit is responsible for converting power from the source to the in-built car batteries in a way that the batteries will use it.

This auto part is designed in consideration of essentials like weight, power density, cost, space and efficiency. What you can expect is only the best. There is the separation between the cooling system and the electrical system thanks to the control unit.

No worries of the risk of electrical shock. Kostal being among the best has already taken care of that with galvanic separation of the vehicle and the mains power supply. The charging is rapid so that one is not forced to wait for too long at the charging station.

The control unit by Kostal are designed in accordance to the set regulations and standards to signal quality and reliability. There is control by the control unit over the other electrical systems of the vehicle e.g. lighting, communication and locking functions to cover the charging procedure and ensure complete charging.

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